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Ray Lacy has the answer!


Over the last few years, even though we don’t sell them, we have gotten, without question, hundreds of phone calls and many folks stopping by with this burning question ----- “what do I do with my Ford 6.0 Diesel that is costing so much to repair?” The experts have learned over time that “patching up” a 6.0 does not correct the problem; it is like putting a bandaid on a terminal illness.

The 6.0 engine block, rods and pistons are actually quite sturdy. However, the emissions equipment, oil cooler and egr cooler create the conditions that cause eventual failure to many expensive components that leave your 6.0 powered Ford truck on the side of the road. But there is hope for 6.0 owners and here is the solution to the problem.

Ray Lacy owns a local diesel repair shop with 6 bays in Culpeper, Virginia. While he builds diesel race trucks and sled pulling trucks, his “bread and butter” is “bullet-proofing” 6.0 trucks and converting Ford trucks to Cummins diesel power, depending on your preference. Ray and his crew of technicians come highly recommended to you from us because of the good work they have done for Handpicked Western Trucks. I definitely recommend that you call Ray for solutions to your 6.0 Ford problems. Get your 6.0 permanently repaired and back to work, today!

Call Ray Lacy at 540-825-9520

Or 540-825-3272

Be sure to tell him Mark and Colleen sent you!!!

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